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Our people love working here

  • My adventure at Ezugi started at beginning of 2021. I discovered a team of professionals here and I managed to onboard pretty fast. Working with a lot of senior developers helped me understand the industry and the technologies faster. Coordinating more than 40 developers and planning to grow our team to 80 in the next period is one of the biggest challenges of my career. At the end of the day, I want to have a sense of accomplishment. I want to be sure that my time is used productively and that I have an impact over the company. Also, I need to know that my opinion counts and I can get involved in different projects where I can have a good input. Ezugi is the perfect place for this. The management knows the exact amount of pressure they need to apply in order to motivate without overwhelming the employee. Let's not forget that being part of Ezugi is also fun. Even during this period, we try to stay connected by going out periodically, or having different team building activities.

    Laurentiu Neagu

    Head of Research & Development

  • “Energy, life and action, that’s what I found when I joined Ezugi. What I love most is 1) the diversity of people I work with and 2) the freedom to think out of the box. I was heard and trusted from Day 1 and I am grateful for all the support for my professional development. I love that the managers do not micro-manage and I extend the same courtesy to the colleagues I work with. Smart Move!”

    Simona Balu

    Head of Platforms

  • I started with Ezugi in September 2018 and I got the chance to meet a lot of smart and interesting people. Everyone here is very responsive to any type of question you have and are willingly to help you improve yourself.

    Dragos Coranga

    QA Chapter Lead

  • At Ezugi I have found wonderful people, a positive atmosphere, constant support and most of all, an environment in which you can develop both personally and professionally. All of the above makes me come to work every day with a smile on my face.

    Marina Andreea Paun

    Front Desk Receptionist

  • When I decided to make a change in my career, I had five non-negotiable conditions: a company that inspires me, a position that challenges me and stretches me into different areas, management that encourages and empowers me to do my best, great work environment and team spirit. Ezugi fulfills all these points. It’s a company that inspires me. It’s forward-thinking. I like the mindset and culture, and being part of a team that gives its best to make the next generation of games. For me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me.

    Alexandra Constantin

    Office and Facility Manager

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